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Patrick Markray


"Facts of Life"

GOD'S GIFT TO EARTH: December 11, 1958

ENTERED INTO REST: November 23, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 10:30A.M.

Harrison Chapel; Springhill, La.


Open Visitation until Closing

Memorial Funeral Home Chapel; Cullen, La


St. Paul Cemetery; Taylor, AR

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Jennifer M. Lewis/niece  - condolences   |98.67.116.xxx |2012-11-27 19:20:16
Rest in Peace Unk...Gone but never will you be forgotten.... I will always
remember you on our Birthday.. Dec. 11 !

To Detrick Mossy, Tosca, Vet and
Chris...Time heals all wounds.
Marion "Trecie" Markray  - Condolences   |173.217.19.xxx |2012-11-27 19:48:03
We want to Thank The Lord For Your Very Life Uncle and The Wisdom You Gave on
This Life-Learned Journey....You're With Momma Now and In A Better Place, So
Just Rest, Rest, Rest....IN ALL GOD'S PEACE! LOVE YA!
Patricia Green  - Condolences   |173.217.19.xxx |2012-11-27 20:01:42
Brother, I know You Are In A Better Place, But I still LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU

James Coleman  - You Made It!   |68.11.240.xxx |2012-11-28 03:58:56
Pat, we always connected because we were classmates and you were born one day
before me. These times must come! Bless YOU! I am praying for the Markray
Family. Your loss is heaven's gain.
Debbie Thomas  - We Love YOu   |173.217.254.xxx |2012-11-28 08:03:22
Pat, I will always remember the fun days . To Patricia my classmate I Love You,
and to the entire Markray Family, I will continue to keep all of you in my
Prayer and that he will truly be missed by all.
Henrietta Wyatt  - I will miss you   |69.171.178.xxx |2012-11-29 19:11:01
Pat even though it has been some years since we were together and we went on
with our lives a piece of me still though about back in the days. May you rest
in peace and Patosca, Dedrick. Yvetta everything will be akright just talk to
God he will see you all through this time of heartache.
Susan Yates Cox  - Praying for you all   |76.165.114.xxx |2012-11-30 07:27:17
To my classmate, Patricia, and the Markray Family

I am praying for you all
that God will give you strength to walk through this time in your lives. Every
loss is different for everyone-- whether Pat was brother, uncle, nephew, son,
father, cousin, etc.-- pain is still pain. But my God will supply all our
needs, and that includes healing and strength. He is able to see you through.
Just trust Him one day at a time.
Gloria Blanks Newsome  - Prayer and Love   |70.139.197.xxx |2012-11-30 09:20:13
I pray that as a family you will be able to get through the loss of your love
one. I love all of you, as you are my extended family. With love and
heartfelt sympathy, Mug.
Nelda Mcdaniel Handy  - My love and sympathy   |98.195.215.xxx |2012-11-30 19:32:47
To Barbara and the markray family my heart and love goes out to all of the
Nelda Mcdaniel Handy  - You all are in my prayers   |98.195.215.xxx |2012-11-30 19:53:45
To Barbara, and the Markray family my love and prayers are with all of you
love nell
Michael and Rose Jones  - Praying For The Family   |99.8.97.xxx |2012-11-30 20:19:55
We express our sincere condolences to Patrick Markray's family. Our prayers are
with the family!
Michael and Rose Jones
Triando and Terri Markray  - Nephew and niece   |108.65.206.xxx |2012-11-30 20:44:51
Uncle Pat, We will remember the good times and always remember you.
Triando and Terri Markray  - Nephew and niece   |108.65.206.xxx |2012-11-30 20:46:42
Uncle Pat,
We will miss you. Thanks for the good times.
Emma Manning Arthur   |108.246.45.xxx |2012-12-01 12:36:18
Sincere and deepest sympathy to the Markay Family from The Manning Family.
Continue to pray and keep GOD firstplace in your lives. We are praying for your
strength. God Bless.
SPAM**ALERT   |69.106.224.xxx |2012-12-03 19:43:02
To the family,

When a loved one dies, no words, however, reasonable, can take
away the pain and the void you feel. However, there is One, who truly knows how
you feel because "He cares for you."(1 Peter 5:7) May "the Father of
tender mercies, the God of all comfort" grant your family "the peace of
God that excels all thought" during this difficult time. (2 Corinthians
1:3,4; Philippians 4:7)He says:"Many of them that sleep in the dust of the
ground shall awaken."(Daniel 12:2, Holy Bible, King James Version)He promise
that: "He will actually swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord
Jehovah will certainly wipe the tears from all faces."(Isaiah 25:8; Psalms
83:18; Exodus 6:8, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures)So, although the
loss is very painful, you can trust God's promises. "Trust ye the LORD
forever. For the LORD Jehovah is everlasting strength."(Isaiah 26:4, K...
Donna Crockett  - Sending Our Love   |76.174.241.xxx |2012-12-11 17:34:34
To the Markray family we truly loved Pat from way back when we were neighbors.I
was saddened and shocked at the news. However we know that Our Father God has a
plan for all of us.I am praying for your strength family and "Pat" you
will always be missed.
God Bless
Bettye B. Rhynes   |66.112.13.xxx |2012-12-18 12:05:15
Praying for the family.
Lorraine Thompson  - The woman you loved pat Lorraine   |172.56.15.xxx |2014-01-25 08:28:08
To the love of my life, baby I loved you all my life. I thank God for
every tender moment we shared my sweet sweet beloved. You were my love
in the beginning and only love in the end. Our love was truly a love
story these two doves came back together. How do you say good bye to you
beloved, well I cannot baby. There will be another love for me. Sleep
well my baby, kisses my beloved. I love you!!!! ( pat & lorraine forever) Baby remember what we use to say I love you and I
never leave you alone remember baby. Who will cry for lorraine, God
and Lorraine?
bell micheal maurice burnett  - Your Brothers   |172.56.15.xxx |2014-01-25 08:42:05
We loved you from the beginning to the end. Mossy you were our brother and our
sister only love of her life. The joy and fun you to brought to our family. My
brother Lorraine loved you with all her heart. There will never be another
brother like you, just know that you will be in our hearts always brother. Your
family the Burnett. Love you Mossy
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