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Ola Mae Scott

1958- 2011

"Facts of Life"

GOD'S GIFT TO EARTH: April 17, 1958

ENTERED INTO REST: February 17, 2011


Friday, February 25, 2011 at 2:00pm

Memorial Funeral Home Chapel; Cullen, LA


Open visitation during office hours

Memorial Funeral Home Chapel; Cullen, LA

Harrison Chapel Cemetery;Springhill, LA

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Memorial Family   |70.148.106.xxx |2011-02-22 16:57:40
May the God of peace sustain you during this hour. He will see you through.
James Coleman  - Classmate   |70.186.170.xxx |2011-02-22 20:29:50
My prayer is that the family will find PEACE for such a time as this.
Gloria B. Newsome(Mug)  - Family   |70.139.192.xxx |2011-02-23 10:09:06
May God bless the family.
Rosalind Thompson   |170.94.105.xxx |2011-02-24 08:45:12
My prayers are with you. "Red" was a very pleasant person and a dear
Karl & Debbie Thomas   |173.217.254.xxx |2011-02-24 09:01:44
Hi my stepsister, to let you know that you are always thought of remembering the
laughs and the tears we shared throughout the years we known each other. My
continued prayers are with the children and family and we love you all.
Faye Gibson   |24.205.153.xxx |2011-02-25 01:38:42
To the family, I know you feel a deep sense of loss,you probably find yourself
in disbelief especially when the end come so suddenly.Just know that God has a
plan for all of us and you will understand by and by.Ola Mae was a very funny
and up beat person all the time, I will miss you cuz..Daughters hold on to God
unchanging hand .She will live through you guys with each happy memory you will
find yourself laughing or crying about.I know how you feel, I really really
do...May God bless and keep you...
Anonymous   |69.106.228.xxx |2011-02-25 07:22:45
"A name is better than good oil, and the day of death than the day of one's
being born." -Ecclesiastes 7:1

What is the most valuable thing that we
can strive to posses? A good name with our Creator. Nothing demonstrates this
more than the life of Jesus. He certainly made an outstanding name with his
Father. When Jesus died faithful,he vindicated his Father's sovereignty and
provided the ransom sacrifice, which opened the way for our salvation. (Matthew
20:28) Our Creator has the exclusive right to direct our lives (Jeremiah
10:23)and His Son provided a perfect example of pleasing his Creator by living
in a way that honors God. Jesus in prayer to his Father says: "This means
everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of
the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ." (John 17:3) Yes, we can have a
meaningful life now and everlasting life in the future, if we "keep on
making ...
Mona Glenn   |74.243.110.xxx |2011-03-01 14:05:23
Fernando and Della my heart goes out to you both for your loss. I cant begin to
imagine the pain you are experiencing at this time. I just want you to know your
mother is resting in eternal peace with no pain. Allow time for God to bless you
with peace and assurance that you will get through this time. Bro. you know I
love you and am here for you always. Love Ya.
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